So you can create smiles in the practice you dreamed of

Remember when you started your practice? Building relationships with patients and championing their dental health. Then, insurance complications started . . . .

…and it hasn’t stopped

But it has grown increasingly complicated.

Personalized Strategy

What if you could find a resource to analyze your contracts with PPOs and to provide personalized guidance to you, based on your specific business needs and goals?

Experienced Owners

Welcome to real world expertise with over 40 years combined experience in the dental industry where you work directly with an owner

  • “It was a pleasure working with the entire Unlock The PPO team. The entire process was very smooth and I am very pleased with the negotiated fees they were able to obtain.”
    -Dr. Gregory Camp (North Carolina)

  • “You’ve helped us optimize the PPO plans we were on!”
    -Dr. Matthew Giunta (Florida)

  • “Very happy with the service you provide. They were very accessible. This was my 2nd time using Sandi and her team and they delivered again.”
    -Dr. Robert Gold (New York)

  • “Great Service! One of the best decisions I did for my startup practice”
    -Dr. Omar Salameh (Ohio)

  • “Fantastic service; made my life easier. Everyone was extremely thorough and helped me in every step along the way.”
    -Dr.Bhumika Patel (Illinois)

Who we are

In an ever-changing insurance world, it’s increasingly difficult for dentists to manage insurance restrictions while providing quality dental care to patients. Our company specializes in analyzing the relationship dental practices have with PPOs so that business owners can ‘unlock the PPO’ and have the information they need to make decisions about who to do business with and how. We focus on being an advocate for solo practices—those with no more than two dentists or two locations. We firmly believe that the solo practice can continue to be competitive with corporations and can negotiate strategically based on what’s in their best interest, and not what’s in the best interest of a group of a hundred other dentists.
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What we do

If you already participate with PPOs, we will examine insurance plans you are in-network with, the fee schedules and profit associated with each one and how many patients are involved with each plan. We will advise if plans are eligible for a fee schedule increase, give a detailed recommendations on which codes to focus on and negotiate fee schedules on your behalf. After maximizing fee schedules, we will determine which plans, if any, you might consider dropping. Should you be in a position to drop a PPO, we’ll make recommendations about the process and the timing. If you are currently trying to increase new patient flow or production by considering adding additional PPOs, we will present a detailed view of which plans to consider and which ones would not be beneficial to your practice growth. We help create a strategic plan based on what pace you feel comfortable with and what will best fit your goals.

Your next step

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Unlock The PPO

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The days of being able to contract only with the insurance company directly are gone. Nearly every major insurance company now has some sort of shared network agreement for at least a portion of their networks. Some offices may find third parties a good fit, others are being blindsided by them. As the insurance landscape continues to change rapidly, you and your staff must have clarity and predictability with your con tracts so that you have control over what you accept.