The Dental Provider’s Guide to Managing Insurance Participation

In an ever-changing insurance world it is becoming increasingly harder for dentists to manage insurance restrictions while providing quality dental care to patients. Dentistry is supposed to be about creating smiles not paperwork. Our company specializes in analyzing dental practices involvement with PPOs. If you currently already participate with PPOs we look at your practice to see which insurance plans you are in-network with, the fee schedules and profit associated with each one and how many patients are involved with each plan. We first examine which plans may be eligible for a fee schedule increase, give a detailed recommendations on which codes to focus on and we negotiate fee schedules on your behalf. After maximizing fee schedules, we then determine which plans, if any, you should consider dropping. After our detailed analysis, should you be in a position to drop a PPO we’ll make recommendations about which one(s), the process and the timing to follow. If you are currently trying to increase new patient flow or production by considering adding additional PPOs to your practice we present a detailed view of which plans to consider adding and which ones would not be beneficial to your practice growth.

What do we offer?

  • Personalized strategy based around each dentist’s individual practice goals
  • Gradual approach that gives dentists the tools to monitor progress
  • Insurance tips to help focus on maximizing fee schedules and most relevant codes used by each office
  • Front desk support to ensure changes are communicated effectively with patients
  • Real financial analysis giving dentists clear information about the cost associated with each plan
  • Updates on insurance industry changes and tips, be sure to check out our blog
  • Real world experience from 18 years in the dental industry
  • Common sense approach encouraging dentists to make smart financial decisions rather than abruptly dropping all plans
  • Relationships with insurance company reps that we have worked hard to create and maintain to be considered the leaders in this part of the dental industry

Who do we work with? 

We are committed to supporting the solo/small practice business model and do not accept contracts from chains or corporate practice models. We work with offices with 1-2 locations and seek to serve as an advocate for the solo practice owner. 

How exactly does this work?

Visit our About Us page to see the answers to frequently asked questions and details about what to expect from our service packages. See how easy it is to let us do the work for you!

Overwhelmed with where to start? Don’t be!

Contact our office toll free at 855-327-9125 for a complimentary phone consult or visit our Contact Us page to email us for more information.

I wanted to thank you and your staff at Unlock the PPO for guiding me through my startup insurance process. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been completely lost! I (or any dentist for that matter) do not have the expertise, time or patience to go through this extensive insurance setup process.
Lisa, you were very professional and understanding at the same time. I would love to recommend you to anyone who work with insurance. I have no doubt they will be thanking you (and me for sending them your way!).
-Sara Seo, DDS
We were extremely pleased with the level of service from Sandi. She takes the time to understand your office so she can create a more custom approach to the process.
She then supports you with the necessary forms and guides you so you can feel confident in any future negotiations or communication with insurance companies.
-Kellen Tadano DDS
After working with Sandi for only a short period of time, I have to say that I am more than pleased with all the help she has provided. Her thoroughness and help has been extremely beneficial to my practice. Thank you!
-Daniel Casel, DMD
The knowledge that Sandi has of the insurance industry was invaluable to me as a new dentist buying an existing practice. With her help I was able to quickly and clearly see what plans I needed to focus on or even try and phase out to increase my bottom line immediately. Often just working with the insurance companies to increase reimbursement rates instead of raising the fees to the patients was what I needed to do. Everyone wins with that situation. I would have spent countless hours on this to do it myself. But with Sandi, I was able to focus on other issues in the new practice; all the while knowing that my new office was on a solid path to maximizing its financial success.
-Dr. Hodge
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